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Small apartments are no longer a challenge in this day and age. You can make your home interior feel brighter and bigger with a few smart improvements in home paint, interior carpentry work and interior decoration. Here are some amazing tips from our home renovation experts in Dubai that will help you make the most out of less square footage.

15: Keep Your Apartment Clean

Nothing can help make a space seem bigger than keeping it clean. Get rid of clutter and remember less is more. This will make a huge difference in using the space you have wisely.

14: Go for Light Colors

Light colors on interior room walls always create an impact of more space and brightness.

13: Use Floor-to-Ceiling for Kitchen Storage

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are the perfect choice to store and display glassware and kitchen items. There are number of companies which provides carpentry service and kitchen carpentry works in Dubai that can give you affordable Floor-to-ceiling structure in Dubai.

12: Hang Big Mirror and Glass Items

Using mirrors reflect more light and make the room feel more spacious. This is an experimented and true strategy that the pros use all of the time when staging a small space.

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11: Incorporate Greenery

Create life in the room by adding a plant to the mix. A hanging plant is always a good choice for your kitchen or any room in your home.

10: Convert a Closet into an Office or Study

Remove the door to a closet and build a desk top and shelving. This adds depth to your room all while adding more functional space.

9: Expandable Dining Furniture

drop leaf table is a good choice if you have little to no space for a dining area. Go from seating 2 to 4 in an instant and you will see the look and feel of your room changes.

8: Incorporate a lot of Lamps

Light always creates an effect of more space so try adding in unique and shorter table lamps. Your room or any space will look wider with a bright light in it.

7: Dark Colored Floor and Furniture

Light colored walls with dark colored floors and furniture will make your room feel more spacious.

6: Use a Bed with Big Storage

Have your bedroom furniture multi-task by choosing a bed with drawers underneath for extra storage. For just a small added cost, consult with a designer to customize it based on your specific needs if you can’t find one in traditional stores.

5: Mobilize Furniture and Tables

Add in a few pieces of furniture that can be easily moved out of the way. There are now so many stylish pieces that are able to roll out of the way for easy placement based on the functions you need.

4: Sofa Bed

In the case of a super small space or efficient apartment, purchase a sofa that will convert into a bed. This can be used as the master bed or a guest bed and will add to the number of people your space can sleep comfortably.

3: Book Cases

Bookcases are the perfect way to store your books and mail. This de-clutter technique is the perfect way to keep space neat and clean.  

2: Claw Foot Bath

By incorporating a claw foot bath, you will bring drama and character into a small bathroom. Its beautiful shape draws the eye in creating a functional focal point.

1: Choose the right windows and window treatments.

If you are designing your own space from the ground up, choose large windows. If you move to a space that you can’t change, create an illusion of larger windows by using curtains. Set them to be wider and longer than actual window to create an illusion of a giant window in room.



If you have any unique idea about decorating a small space then share with our experts at alzadcarpentry llc Dubai in comments section of this blog post. We will be happy to respond your questions!

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