Upholstery Work Services UAE

No need to sell out your furniture items and sofas for scrap value, if they have loosened their shine and comfort ability. We are here with solution as we are ranked among top Upholstery service providers in Dubai. Our experts are experienced enough to give your favorite couches and chairs the color and look, you love. Our services are not limited to couches only, as we are having solution for your table, chairs and other favorite furniture items as well.

Upholstery work for sofas

Classic sofas sets are usually expensive and if any of the single sofa or double one has torn out or slackened, it can destroy the whole set, therefore we offer complete solution for your sofa sets in reasonable prices. Upholstery work Dubai requires both style and durability. Whether you need services for home furniture or for your restaurant, we are here with wide range of designing and color ideas for your sofas, giving them entire new and exciting look.

Why choose us?

  • We can help you save money, as buying new sofa and couches are far more expensive.
  • Your old sofas look entirely new, with our expert’s designs range.
  • Our services are much more affordable.
  • We have solution for all sorts of sofas, designs, shapes, sizes and fabrics.

Upholstery work for chairs and other furniture

If you have changed the wall colors and other furniture items in your residential or office place, and you want your sofas to look the same way, it is possible with Upholstery fabric Dubai. Specialists in our company can help you select best fabric and designs for your furniture items.