Home Renovation in Dubai










Add beauty and style to your home by renovating it by from Al Zad Carpentry in Dubai. Your home is definitely your most precious asset and if you are living in developed state i.e. Dubai, you are required to well focus on both beauty and energy efficiency of the place. Home renovation services in Dubai are offered by various companies, but we are having specialists who are able to add magical charm to your place within your budget.


We are dedicated to make your kitchens more comfortable and graceful as it is part of house which is almost in use throughout the day. This will not only provide you best cooking experience, in fact you are able to enjoy your meals more. If you are interested in selling your home, renovation for this part of house can help you get ideal selling price for it.


We can accommodate bathroom accessories in most efficient manner in your bathrooms to make them more presentable. Whether you are visiting them yourself or they are in use by your valued guests. Bathroom renovation Dubai has never been so affordable and perfect without our services.

Lounge or Living Room

Al Zad Carpentry offers complete solution for your entire home renovation demands. We are able to solve ventilation problems, most frequently faced in Dubai region by renovating your lounge and living room. You may organize your parties and events in most exciting and entertaining way in your home lounge.

No need to worry about prices, as we are offering home renovation services in lowest possible prices in Dubai!