home design mistakes by al zad carpentry llc dubai

Al Zad Carpentry LLC is helping home owners all over the UAE, in Home Improvement, Home Maintenance and Carpentry Needs. Here are some excellent ideas from experts to decorate your home in more cool way.

1: Keep Budget in Mind

Don’t spend more than your budget and never buy a lot of stuff at once. Always remember your present budgeting situation as compare to your future. Stick to the total budget you have and decorate your home gradually.

2: Lighting of Your Home

Don’t try to block natural light by dumping heavy curtains and accessories. Place different sized framed mirror directly opposite to sources of light to enhance natural light. You can illuminate your room with decorating lights, dimmers, sconces, chandeliers and lamps.

3: Paint and Furniture

Very common mistake we make is that we use to go for a matching furniture for an already painted wall that is quite hectic task and this will create more work for you while updating your space.

4: Size of Furniture

When you are intended to update your space, make sure you keep in mind the proper height, width and length of your room. Always measure the area of your room before buying furniture or having a carpentry work for your home.

5: Avoid Over Furnishing

In addition to buy a well measured and balanced furniture its also very important that you don’t over-furnish your room as it creates a suffocating effect and give your place a congested feel. Concentrate on quality not on quantity

6: Hang Art Work – Pictures at Eye Level

Don’t hang paintings or family pictures too high while decorating your room. Always try to place them at eye level that is generally 5’5”. Make sure the artwork is getting the proper light as light factor is quite important to highlight your effort.

7: Lack of Focal Point

Lack of focal point in a room is also a common mistake we make. The focal point will be according to your room. i.e. in a study room focal point can be the your table or bookshelf. Similarly fireplace in your room or a large painting have the same importance.

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